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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Debian 989898 MariaDB crashes with "Crash: WSREP: invalid state ROLLED_BACK (FATAL)" mariadb-10.3
Launchpad 1951709 CVE-2021-35604 affects MariaDB in Ubuntu mariadb-10.5 mariadb-10.5 mariadb-10.3
Launchpad 1951238 [MIR] oem-sutton.simon-carrie-meta oem-sutton.simon-carrie-meta
Launchpad 1934831 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-aaden-meta oem-sutton.newell-aaden-meta
Launchpad 1932439 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-aadi-meta oem-sutton.newell-aadi-meta
Launchpad 1932445 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-cable-meta oem-sutton.newell-cable-meta
Launchpad 1924730 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carnell-meta oem-sutton.newell-carnell-meta
Launchpad 1924734 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carrie-meta oem-sutton.newell-carrie-meta
Launchpad 1951011 linux-aws: Make a signed kernel linux-aws-5.4
Launchpad 1946096 Support manual firmware upgrading for Foxconn and Quectel modems. modemmanager modemmanager
Launchpad 1952621 Bionic/linux-azure: Call trace on Ubuntu 18.04 VM with Standard NV24 linux-azure-5.4 linux-azure-5.4
Launchpad 1936295 Faulty Elantech Trackpoint firmware unusable as it causes sudden cursor jump to an edge/corner on Lenovo Thinkpad X13, T14s, A475 --\u003e Apply kern linux-oem-5.14 linux-oem-5.14
Launchpad 1952041 Fix i915 TypeC disconnect problems for Intel ADL-P linux-oem-5.14 linux-oem-5.14
Launchpad 1951868 [amdgpu] USB4 support for DP tunneling linux-oem-5.14 linux-oem-5.14
Launchpad 1924732 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carol-meta oem-sutton.newell-carol-meta
Launchpad 1952817 [SRU][I/OEM-5.13/OEM-5.14] Fix USB3.1 hotplug after S3 on AMD renoir linux-oem-5.13 linux-oem-5.14 linux-oem-5.13 linux-oem-5.14
Launchpad 1903847 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carl-meta oem-sutton.newell-carl-meta
Launchpad 1909735 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carleton-meta oem-sutton.newell-carleton-meta
Launchpad 1924729 [MIR] oem-sutton.newell-carlisle-meta oem-sutton.newell-carlisle-meta
Launchpad 1952093 Seeded snaps broken in the Focal dailies livecd-rootfs

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