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Origin Bug number Title Packages
Launchpad 1828074 Memory usage issues with large Apache httpd configuration files augeas augeas
Launchpad 1946971 dh-python: generates incorrect dependencies when python3.10 is supported dh-python dh-python
Launchpad 1945533 permissions on /var/tmp/metrics_collector.sock python-oslo.metrics python-oslo.metrics
Launchpad 1946913 u-boot HiFive Unleashed image missing OpenSBI u-boot
Launchpad 1932157 [21.10 FEAT] KVM: Use interpretation of specification exceptions linux-hwe-5.13 linux-hwe-5.13
Launchpad 1939177 Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS kernel 5.11.0-25 zfs send | receive broken zfs-linux zfs-linux
Launchpad 1946196 Additional Drivers fails with pk-client-error-quark: Cannot download packages whilst offline (257) glib2.0 glib2.0 glib2.0 glib2.0
Launchpad 1942648 restart button remains visible in the advanced partitioner after the bitlocker page is shown ubiquity ubiquity ubiquity ubiquity
Launchpad 1945008 Logs in with Wayland although Xorg looks selected in session menu. Need to reselect gdm3 gdm3
Launchpad 1942497 Update the hardware support for Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q/M80q/M90q in oem-sutton.newell-cade-meta oem-sutton.newell-cade-meta oem-sutton.newell-cade-meta
Launchpad 1943535 Update the hardware support for Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny in oem-sutton.simon-baird-meta oem-sutton.simon-baird-meta oem-sutton.simon-baird-meta
Launchpad 1941665 Intel AX201 8086:7af0 subsys 8086:4070 hardware reset periodically: FW error in SYNC CMD UNKNOWN linux-oem-5.13 linux-oem-5.13 linux-oem-5.13 linux-oem-5.13
Debian 996168 retext does not start: xsettings.py:126 RuntimeError: ffi_prep_cif_var failed retext retext
Launchpad 1943120 interface not removed netplan.io netplan.io
Launchpad 1942930 Unset a subtree crashes netplan.io netplan.io
Debian 992929 ukui-media FTBFS: ../ukmedia_device_switch_widget.cpp:5553:40: error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘MateMixerStreamControlPrivate’ {aka ‘struct _Ma ukui-media ukui-media
Launchpad 1946001 impish:linux 5.13 panic during systemd autotest linux linux-hwe-5.13 linux-hwe-5.13
Launchpad 1946477 package unity-tweak-tool 0.0.7+-0ubuntu8 failed to install/upgrade: installed unity-tweak-tool package post-installation script subprocess returned e unity-tweak-tool unity-tweak-tool
Debian 995987 python3.10: Please build with -DWITH_PYMALLOC_RADIX_TREE=0 on ia64 python3.10 python3.10
Launchpad 1945784 tp-smapi build failure on arm64 with the latest impish kernel tp-smapi

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