Package "linux-oem-5.14-tools-host"

Name: linux-oem-5.14-tools-host


Linux kernel VM host tools

Latest version: 5.14.0-1036.40
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main
Head package: linux-oem-5.14


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security main 5.14.0-1036.40
updates main 5.14.0-1036.40
PPA: Canonical Kernel Team 5.14.0-1037.41


Version: 5.14.0-1036.40 2022-05-10 11:06:20 UTC

  linux-oem-5.14 (5.14.0-1036.40) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-oem-5.14: 5.14.0-1036.40 -proposed tracker (LP: #1971982)

  * AMD APU s2idle is broken after the ASIC reset fix (LP: #1972134)
    - drm/amdgpu: unify BO evicting method in amdgpu_ttm
    - drm/amdgpu: explicitly check for s0ix when evicting resources

  * amd_gpio AMDI0030:00: Failed to translate GPIO pin 0x0000 to IRQ, err -517
    (LP: #1971597)
    - gpio: Request interrupts after IRQ is initialized

Source diff to previous version
1972134 AMD APU s2idle is broken after the ASIC reset fix

Version: 5.14.0-1035.38 2022-05-04 08:06:20 UTC

  linux-oem-5.14 (5.14.0-1035.38) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-oem-5.14: 5.14.0-1035.38 -proposed tracker (LP: #1969056)

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync getabis

  * Mute/mic LEDs no function on EliteBook G9 platfroms (LP: #1970552)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable mute/micmute LEDs support for HP Laptops

  * Mute/mic LEDs no function on HP EliteBook 845/865 G9 (LP: #1970178)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable mute/micmute LEDs and limit mic boost on EliteBook
      845/865 G9

  * Focal update: upstream stable patchset 2022-04-22 (LP: #1969892)
    - Revert "swiotlb: rework "fix info leak with DMA_FROM_DEVICE""
    - USB: serial: pl2303: add IBM device IDs
    - dt-bindings: usb: hcd: correct usb-device path
    - USB: serial: pl2303: fix GS type detection
    - USB: serial: simple: add Nokia phone driver
    - mm: kfence: fix missing objcg housekeeping for SLAB
    - HID: logitech-dj: add new lightspeed receiver id
    - HID: Add support for open wheel and no attachment to T300
    - xfrm: fix tunnel model fragmentation behavior
    - ARM: mstar: Select HAVE_ARM_ARCH_TIMER
    - virtio_console: break out of buf poll on remove
    - vdpa/mlx5: should verify CTRL_VQ feature exists for MQ
    - tools/virtio: fix virtio_test execution
    - ethernet: sun: Free the coherent when failing in probing
    - gpio: Revert regression in sysfs-gpio (gpiolib.c)
    - spi: Fix invalid sgs value
    - net:mcf8390: Use platform_get_irq() to get the interrupt
    - Revert "gpio: Revert regression in sysfs-gpio (gpiolib.c)"
    - spi: Fix erroneous sgs value with min_t()
    - Input: zinitix - do not report shadow fingers
    - af_key: add __GFP_ZERO flag for compose_sadb_supported in function
    - net: dsa: microchip: add spi_device_id tables
    - selftests: vm: fix clang build error multiple output files
    - locking/lockdep: Avoid potential access of invalid memory in lock_class
    - drm/amdgpu: move PX checking into amdgpu_device_ip_early_init
    - drm/amdgpu: only check for _PR3 on dGPUs
    - iommu/iova: Improve 32-bit free space estimate
    - tpm: fix reference counting for struct tpm_chip
    - usb: typec: tipd: Forward plug orientation to typec subsystem
    - USB: usb-storage: Fix use of bitfields for hardware data in ene_ub6250.c
    - xhci: fix garbage USBSTS being logged in some cases
    - xhci: fix runtime PM imbalance in USB2 resume
    - xhci: make xhci_handshake timeout for xhci_reset() adjustable
    - xhci: fix uninitialized string returned by xhci_decode_ctrl_ctx()
    - mei: me: disable driver on the ign firmware
    - mei: me: add Alder Lake N device id.
    - mei: avoid iterator usage outside of list_for_each_entry
    - bus: mhi: Fix MHI DMA structure endianness
    - coresight: Fix TRCCONFIGR.QE sysfs interface
    - iio: afe: rescale: use s64 for temporary scale calculations
    - iio: inkern: apply consumer scale on IIO_VAL_INT cases
    - iio: inkern: apply consumer scale when no channel scale is available
    - iio: inkern: make a best effort on offset calculation
    - greybus: svc: fix an error handling bug in gb_svc_hello()
    - clk: uniphier: Fix fixed-rate initialization
    - ptrace: Check PTRACE_O_SUSPEND_SECCOMP permission on PTRACE_SEIZE
    - cifs: fix handlecache and multiuser
    - cifs: we do not need a spinlock around the tree access during umount
    - KEYS: fix length validation in keyctl_pkey_params_get_2()
    - KEYS: asymmetric: enforce that sig algo matches key algo
    - KEYS: asymmetric: properly validate hash_algo and encoding
    - Documentation: add link to stable release candidate tree
    - Documentation: update stable tree link
    - firmware: stratix10-svc: add missing callback parameter on RSU
    - HID: intel-ish-hid: Use dma_alloc_coherent for firmware update
    - SUNRPC: avoid race between mod_timer() and del_timer_sync()
    - NFS: NFSv2/v3 clients should never be setting NFS_CAP_XATTR
    - NFSD: prevent underflow in nfssvc_decode_writeargs()
    - NFSD: prevent integer overflow on 32 bit systems
    - f2fs: fix to unlock page correctly in error path of is_alive()
    - f2fs: quota: fix loop condition at f2fs_quota_sync()
    - f2fs: fix to do sanity check on .cp_pack_total_block_count
    - remoteproc: Fix count check in rproc_coredump_write()
    - mm/mlock: fix two bugs in user_shm_lock()
    - pinctrl: samsung: drop pin banks references on error paths
    - spi: mxic: Fix the transmit path
    - mtd: rawnand: protect access to rawnand devices while in suspend
    - can: m_can: m_can_tx_handler(): fix use after free of skb
    - can: usb_8dev: usb_8dev_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb() in error
    - jffs2: fix use-after-free in jffs2_clear_xattr_subsystem
    - jffs2: fix memory leak in jffs2_do_mount_fs
    - jffs2: fix memory leak in jffs2_scan_medium
    - mm: fs: fix lru_cache_disabled race in bh_lru
    - mm/pages_alloc.c: don't create ZONE_MOVABLE beyond the end of a node
    - mm: invalidate hwpoison page cache page in fault path
    - mempolicy: mbind_range() set_policy() after vma_merge()
    - scsi: core: sd: Add silence_suspend flag to suppress some PM messages
    - scsi: ufs: Fix runtime PM messages never-ending cycle
    - scsi: scsi_transport_fc: Fix FPIN Link Integrity statistics counters
    - scsi: libsas: Fix sas_ata_qc_issue() handling of NCQ NON DATA commands
    - qed: display VF trust config
    - qed: validate and restrict untrusted VFs vlan promisc mode
    - riscv: dts: canaan: Fix SPI3 bus width
    - riscv: Fix fill_callchain return value
    - riscv: Increase stack size under KASAN
    - Revert "Input: clear BTN_RIGHT/MIDDLE on buttonpads"
    - cifs: prevent bad output lengths in smb2_ioctl_query_info()
    - cifs: fix NULL ptr dereference in smb2_ioctl_query_info()
    - ALSA: cs4236: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
    - ALSA: hda: Avoid unsol event during RPM suspending
    - ALSA: pcm: Fix potential AB/BA lo

Source diff to previous version
1786013 Packaging resync
1970552 Mute/mic LEDs no function on EliteBook G9 platfroms
1970178 Mute/mic LEDs no function on HP EliteBook 845/865 G9
1969892 Focal update: upstream stable patchset 2022-04-22
1969771 Fix beacon loss for rtl8821ce on certain platforms
1968475 Fix broken HDMI audio on AMD PRO VII after S3
1969181 [SRU][OEM-5.14] Fix iwlwifi iwl-nvm-parse.c warning
1967986 Fix ADL, WD22TB4,Dual monitors display resolution can't reach 4K 60hz
1942624 NVMe devices fail to probe due to ACPI power state change
CVE-2022-28390 ems_usb_start_xmit in drivers/net/can/usb/ems_usb.c in the Linux kernel through 5.17.1 has a double free.

Version: 5.14.0-1034.37 2022-04-20 07:06:20 UTC

  linux-oem-5.14 (5.14.0-1034.37) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-oem-5.14: 5.14.0-1034.37 -proposed tracker (LP: #1969453)

  * Support different Cirrus audio codec configurations on Dell laptops
    (LP: #1967988)
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Fix Warlock to use mono mic configuration
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Re-order quirk table into ascending order
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Fix Full Scale Volume setting for all variants
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Support new Warlock MLK Variants
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Disable HSBIAS_SENSE_EN for Cyborg
    - ALSA: hda/cs8409: Add new Dolphin HW variants

  * Micmute LED support for Zbook Fury 16 G9 (LP: #1968892)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute and micmut LED support for Zbook Fury 17 G9

 -- Timo Aaltonen <email address hidden> Tue, 19 Apr 2022 16:40:48 +0300

Source diff to previous version
1967988 Support different Cirrus audio codec configurations on Dell laptops

Version: 5.14.0-1033.36 2022-04-04 23:06:17 UTC

  linux-oem-5.14 (5.14.0-1033.36) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-oem-5.14: 5.14.0-1033.36 -proposed tracker (LP: #1967397)

  * Bolt doesn't work with native USB4 hosts (LP: #1962349)
    - thunderbolt: Retry DROM reads for more failure scenarios
    - thunderbolt: Do not resume routers if UID is not set
    - thunderbolt: Do not make DROM read success compulsory
    - PCI/ACPI: Allow D3 only if Root Port can signal and wake from D3

  * Fix non-working MT7921 BT after reboot (LP: #1966497)
    - Bluetooth: btusb: Enable MSFT extension for Mediatek Chip (MT7921)

  * alsa/sdw: Fix the audio issue on a Dell machine without internal mic
    (LP: #1966841)
    - ASoC: Intel: soc-acpi: add entries in ADL match table

  * Enable headset mic on Lenovo P360 (LP: #1967069)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset mic on Lenovo P360

  * WCN6856 BT keep in OFF state after coldboot system (LP: #1967067)
    - Bluetooth: btusb: Improve stability for QCA devices

  * Focal update: upstream stable patchset 2022-03-21 (LP: #1965737)
    - mm/filemap: Fix handling of THPs in generic_file_buffered_read()
    - cgroup/cpuset: Fix a race between cpuset_attach() and cpu hotplug
    - cgroup-v1: Correct privileges check in release_agent writes
    - x86/ptrace: Fix xfpregs_set()'s incorrect xmm clearing
    - btrfs: tree-checker: check item_size for inode_item
    - btrfs: tree-checker: check item_size for dev_item
    - clk: jz4725b: fix mmc0 clock gating
    - io_uring: don't convert to jiffies for waiting on timeouts
    - io_uring: disallow modification of rsrc_data during quiesce
    - selinux: fix misuse of mutex_is_locked()
    - vhost/vsock: don't check owner in vhost_vsock_stop() while releasing
    - parisc/unaligned: Fix fldd and fstd unaligned handlers on 32-bit kernel
    - parisc/unaligned: Fix ldw() and stw() unalignment handlers
    - KVM: x86/mmu: make apf token non-zero to fix bug
    - drm/amd/display: Protect update_bw_bounding_box FPU code.
    - drm/amd/pm: fix some OEM SKU specific stability issues
    - drm/amdgpu: disable MMHUB PG for Picasso
    - drm/amdgpu: do not enable asic reset for raven2
    - drm/i915: Widen the QGV point mask
    - drm/i915: Correctly populate use_sagv_wm for all pipes
    - drm/i915: Fix bw atomic check when switching between SAGV vs. no SAGV
    - sr9700: sanity check for packet length
    - USB: zaurus: support another broken Zaurus
    - CDC-NCM: avoid overflow in sanity checking
    - netfilter: xt_socket: fix a typo in socket_mt_destroy()
    - netfilter: xt_socket: missing ifdef CONFIG_IP6_NF_IPTABLES dependency
    - tee: export teedev_open() and teedev_close_context()
    - optee: use driver internal tee_context for some rpc
    - ping: remove pr_err from ping_lookup
    - Revert "i40e: Fix reset bw limit when DCB enabled with 1 TC"
    - gpu: host1x: Always return syncpoint value when waiting
    - perf data: Fix double free in perf_session__delete()
    - mptcp: fix race in incoming ADD_ADDR option processing
    - mptcp: add mibs counter for ignored incoming options
    - selftests: mptcp: fix diag instability
    - selftests: mptcp: be more conservative with cookie MPJ limits
    - bnx2x: fix driver load from initrd
    - bnxt_en: Fix active FEC reporting to ethtool
    - bnxt_en: Fix offline ethtool selftest with RDMA enabled
    - bnxt_en: Fix incorrect multicast rx mask setting when not requested
    - hwmon: Handle failure to register sensor with thermal zone correctly
    - net/mlx5: Fix tc max supported prio for nic mode
    - ice: check the return of ice_ptp_gettimex64
    - ice: initialize local variable 'tlv'
    - net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices
    - bpf: Do not try bpf_msg_push_data with len 0
    - selftests: bpf: Check bpf_msg_push_data return value
    - bpf: Add schedule points in batch ops
    - io_uring: add a schedule point in io_add_buffers()
    - net: __pskb_pull_tail() & pskb_carve_frag_list() drop_monitor friends
    - tipc: Fix end of loop tests for list_for_each_entry()
    - gso: do not skip outer ip header in case of ipip and net_failover
    - net: mv643xx_eth: process retval from of_get_mac_address
    - openvswitch: Fix setting ipv6 fields causing hw csum failure
    - drm/edid: Always set RGB444
    - net/mlx5e: Fix wrong return value on ioctl EEPROM query failure
    - drm/vc4: crtc: Fix runtime_pm reference counting
    - net/sched: act_ct: Fix flow table lookup after ct clear or switching zones
    - net: ll_temac: check the return value of devm_kmalloc()
    - net: Force inlining of checksum functions in net/checksum.h
    - netfilter: nf_tables: unregister flowtable hooks on netns exit
    - nfp: flower: Fix a potential leak in nfp_tunnel_add_shared_mac()
    - netfilter: nf_tables: fix memory leak during stateful obj update
    - net/smc: Use a mutex for locking "struct smc_pnettable"
    - surface: surface3_power: Fix battery readings on batteries without a serial
    - udp_tunnel: Fix end of loop test in udp_tunnel_nic_unregister()
    - net/mlx5: DR, Cache STE shadow memory
    - ibmvnic: schedule failover only if vioctl fails
    - net/mlx5: DR, Don't allow match on IP w/o matching on full
    - net/mlx5: Fix possible deadlock on rule deletion
    - net/mlx5: Fix wrong limitation of metadata match on ecpf
    - net/mlx5: DR, Fix the threshold that defines when pool sync is initiated
    - net/mlx5e: MPLSoUDP decap, fix check for unsupported matches
    - net/mlx5e: kTLS, Use CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY for device-offloaded packets
    - net/mlx5: Update log_max_qp value to be 17 at most
    - spi: spi-zynq-qspi: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in
    - regmap-irq: Update interrupt clear register for proper reset
    - net-timestamp: convert sk->sk_tskey to atomic_t
    - RDMA/rtrs-clt: Fix possible double free in error case
    - RDMA/rtrs-clt: Move free_permit from free_clt to rtrs_clt_close
    - confi

Source diff to previous version
1966497 Fix non-working MT7921 BT after reboot
1967069 Enable headset mic on Lenovo P360
1965737 Focal update: upstream stable patchset 2022-03-21
1965080 Mute/mic LEDs no function on some HP platfroms
1964850 Choppy trackpad/USB mouse behavior with oem-1023 or above kernel version

Version: 5.14.0-1032.35 2022-03-31 23:06:19 UTC

  linux-oem-5.14 (5.14.0-1032.35) focal; urgency=medium

  * focal/linux-oem-5.14: 5.14.0-1032.35 -proposed tracker (LP: #1967284)

  * IPU6 camera has no function on Andrews MLK (LP: #1964983)
    - SAUCE: IPU6: 2022-03-11 alpha release for Andrews MLK
    - [Config] IPU6: enable OV02C10 sensor

  * Fix audio on Zbook Studio G9 (LP: #1966010)
    - gpiolib: acpi: Convert ACPI value of debounce to microseconds
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix LED on Zbook Studio G9

  * alsa: enable the cirrus-logic side-codec to make the speaker output sound
    (LP: #1965496)
    - ASoC: cs35l41: CS35L41 Boosted Smart Amplifier
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Fix use of an uninitialised variable
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Use regmap_read_poll_timeout to wait for OTP boot
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Combine adjacent register writes
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Don't overwrite returned error code
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Fixup the error messages
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Fix a bunch of trivial code formating/style issues
    - misc: cs35l41: Remove unused pdn variable
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Make cs35l41_remove() return void
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Change monitor widgets to siggens
    - ASoC: cs35l41: DSP Support
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Set the max SPI speed for the whole device
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Fix link problem
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Fix undefined reference to core functions
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Convert tables to shared source code
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Move cs35l41_otp_unpack to shared code
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Move power initializations to reg_sequence
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Create shared function for errata patches
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Create shared function for setting channels
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Create shared function for boost configuration
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Add cs35l51/53 IDs
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Remove incorrect comment
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Correct DSP power down
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Correct handling of some registers in the cache
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Add support for CS35L41 in HDA systems
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Update handling of test key registers
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: fix double free on error in probe()
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Avoid overwriting register patch
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Add calls to newly added test key function
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Move cs35l41* calls to its own symbol namespace
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Add missing default cases
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Make use of the helper function dev_err_probe()
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Tidyup code
    - ALSA: hda: cs35l41: Make cs35l41_hda_remove() return void
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add support for Legion 7 16ACHg6 laptop
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add CS35L41 support for Thinkpad laptops
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: fix speakers and micmute on HP 855 G8
    - i2c: acpi: Add an i2c_acpi_client_count() helper function
    - platform/x86: i2c-multi-instantiate: Use the new i2c_acpi_client_count()
    - Revert "platform/x86: i2c-multi-instantiate: Don't create platform device
      for INT3515 ACPI nodes"
    - spi: Create helper API to lookup ACPI info for spi device
    - spi: Support selection of the index of the ACPI Spi Resource before alloc
    - spi: Add API to count spi acpi resources
    - platform/x86: i2c-multi-instantiate: Rename it for a generic serial driver
    - platform/x86: serial-multi-instantiate: Reorganize I2C functions
    - platform/x86: serial-multi-instantiate: Add SPI support
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add support for HP Laptops
    - ACPI / scan: Create platform device for CS35L41
    - [Config]: Add cirruslogic side codec support

  * Revert drm/amd/pm: enable ASPM by default (LP: #1966680)
    - SAUCE: Revert "drm/amd/pm: enable ASPM by default"

  * Enable the mic-mute led on Dell XPS 9315 (LP: #1965846)
    - SAUCE: ASoC: rt715:add micmute led control for Dell XPS 9315

  * e1000e reports hardware hang (LP: #1966835)
    - e1000e: Fix possible HW unit hang after an s0ix exit

  * Miscellaneous upstream changes
    - ASoC: cs35l41: Add support for hibernate memory retention mode

 -- Timo Aaltonen <email address hidden> Thu, 31 Mar 2022 15:38:08 +0300

1966010 Fix audio on Zbook Studio G9
1965496 alsa: enable the cirrus-logic side-codec to make the speaker output sound
1966680 Revert drm/amd/pm: enable ASPM by default
1965846 Enable the mic-mute led on Dell XPS 9315
1966835 e1000e reports hardware hang

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