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Name: my-weather-indicator


Get weather information for your town with My-Weather-Indicator

Latest version: 0.10.13-0extras23.04.00
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 0.10.13-0extras23.04.00 2023-05-02 18:08:59 UTC

 my-weather-indicator (0.10.13-0extras23.04.00) jammy; urgency=medium
   * New issue with the location map #121

Source diff to previous version

Version: 0.10.11-0extras23.04.00 2023-05-02 05:08:58 UTC

 my-weather-indicator (0.10.11-0extras23.04.00) jammy; urgency=medium
   * issue donĀ“t fix #119

Source diff to previous version

Version: 0.10.5-0extras23.04.00 2023-04-23 06:08:43 UTC

 my-weather-indicator (0.10.5-0extras23.04.00) jammy; urgency=medium
   * No image for thunderstorm with light hail (#112)
   * Change conditions for Open Meteo

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Version: 0.10.2-0extras23.04.00 2023-04-18 19:08:50 UTC

 my-weather-indicator (0.10.2-0extras23.04.00) jammy; urgency=medium
   * crashes after last update (#101)
   * Weather application is not displaying weather (#103)
   * Weather Data Missing: Openweather Invalid API Key & wyahooapi.py: error (#106)
   * wopenmeteoapi - ERROR - Error. HTTP Error code: 400. Invalid timezone (#107)
   * Missing "show snow" in widget and forecast (#110)
   * PPA version doesn't start on ubuntu 22.10 (kinetic) (#111)

Source diff to previous version

Version: 0.10.1-0extras23.04.00 2023-04-14 06:08:38 UTC

 my-weather-indicator (0.10.1-0extras23.04.00) jammy; urgency=medium
   * fixed: crashes with widget "anotherone" #98
   * fixed: Weather report shows N/A #99
   * fixed: crashes after last update #101

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