Bugs fixes in "linux-tools-common"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1002170 system halted while idled for a long time. 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1056078 freeing apparmor profiles cause irq stack overflow 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1056729 i915 does not clean audio bit when unpluged 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1000424 USB 3.0 mode only works after suspend for some PantherPoint devices 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1053039 Precise update to 3.2.30 stable release 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1047261 ecryptfs_encrypt_page: Error attempting to write lower page (regression) 2012-10-15
Launchpad 561129 Existing eCryptfs inodes are not evicted when they're the target of a rename()/mv 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1033568 ACER aspire S3 track pad doesn't work with 12.04, backport needed from 12.10 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1038651 [ca0132] Sound: only dummy output 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1027789 ASUS USB keyboard model: AK1D is not working 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1049899 Precise update to 3.2.29 stable release 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1048605 Pairing wiimote leads to kernel null pointer derefence in hid_wiimote 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1044550 Update the EC2 work-around for the OSXSAVE issue in pv-ops 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1046512 [regression][precise] synaptics: Vertical edge scrolling broken in the latest kernel 3.2.0-30.48 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1048816 Cypress trackpad: Disable tap-to-click doesn't affect mouse button zones. 2012-10-15
Launchpad 1034814 Webcam is not detected on some Pather Point-based hardware 2012-10-15
Launchpad 954661 backlight brightness not adjustable by default on Dell XPS 13 2012-10-03
CVE CVE-2012-3430 kernel: recv{from,msg}() on an rds socket can leak kernel memory 2012-09-27
Launchpad 1035889 iwlwifi causes total system freeze on certain WiFi speeds 2012-09-27
Launchpad 1022427 [X55U] Need to press Fn + F8 3 times to switch display when connecting D-sub 2012-09-27

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