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Name: kodi-pvr-tvheadend-hts


transitional dummy package

Latest version: 8.2.4-1~groovy
Release: groovy (20.10)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: kodi-pvr-hts


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Version: 8.2.4-1~groovy 2021-03-14 22:08:40 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (8.2.4-1~groovy) groovy; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

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Version: 8.2.2-1~groovy 2021-02-19 15:08:37 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (8.2.2-1~groovy) groovy; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

Source diff to previous version

Version: 4.4.21-1~groovy 2020-10-25 06:56:07 UTC

 kodi-pvr-hts (4.4.21-1~groovy) groovy; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * 4.4.21 - Avoid using zero when season/episode information is not
     present 4.4.20 - Fixed: 'Stop recording' no longer aborts in-
     progress recordings (HTSP v26) 4.4.19 - Update build system version
     and cleanup - Change kodi header include way 4.4.18 - Predictive
     tuning: Fix unability to retune to a channel that was closed
     immediately before. 4.4.17 - Fix playback when skipping an in
     progress recording to real-time. 4.4.16 - Fix auto close of
     timeshifted subscriptions if predictive tuning is activated -
     Increase packet queuedepth size for subscriptions to workaround
     timeshift stuttering problems 4.4.15 - Fix/improve HTSPDemuxer
     timeshift support 4.4.14 - Fix HTSPDemuxer::IsRealTimeStream to
     always return true if subscription is active. 4.4.13 - Fixed
     missing description in EPG and DVR tags. 4.4.12 - Fixed missing
     summary in EPG tags. 4.4.11 - Increase the maximum stream chunk
     size to 512 KB 4.4.10 - Updated language files from Transifex
     4.4.9 - Fix a link in the README 4.4.7 - Add support for recent
     tvheadend 4.3 image URL changes (HTSP v34) 4.4.6 - updated language
     files from Transifex 4.4.5 - Fixed buffer overflow in Logger::Log
     4.4.4 - updated language files from Transifex 4.4.3 - updated
     language files from Transifex 4.4.2 - Fix RDS stream support. Only
     mpeg2 audio streams can contain embedded RDS data and there can be
     at most one RDS stream at a time. 4.4.1 - Fix creation of RDS
     streams. Must only be done if audio stream actually contains RDS
     data. 4.4.0 - Add support for Radio Data System (RDS) - Enable
     async EPG data transfer by default 4.3.11 - updated language files
     from Transifex 4.3.10 - Add support for fanart image for recordings
     if supplied by tvheadend (tvh4.3+). 4.3.9 - PVR Addon API 5.10.2:
     Implemented support for
     PVR_ADDON_CAPABILITIES.bSupportsAsyncEPGTransfer 4.3.8 - Add
     support for thumbnail image for recordings if supplied by tvheadend
     (tvh4.3+). 4.3.7 - Fixed an edge case where wrong times were
     displayed in Kodi video/audio OSD 4.3.6 - updated language files
     from Transifex 4.3.5 - demuxer: fix begin/end pts precision -
     predictive tuning: do not close paused subscriptions 4.3.4 - Add
     stub for "subscriptionGrace" HTSP method. - Add setting to ignore
     duplicate scheduled recordings (tvh4.3+) 4.3.3 - updated language
     files from Transifex 4.3.2 - updated language files from Transifex
     4.3.1 - updated language files from Transifex 4.3.0 - PVR Addon API
     5.10.0: Implemented recording stream read chunk size as addon
     setting. 4.2.17 - Fix predictive tuning (do not close subscriptions
     that never were active). 4.2.16 - updated language files from
     Transifex 4.2.15 - updated language files from Transifex 4.2.14 -
     PVR API 5.9.0 changes implemented 4.2.12 - Recordings: Use real
     start time and duration if available. - Recordings: Add support for
     season and episode number (tvh4.3+). - New addon logo. 4.2.11 -
     Fixed crashes on addon destruction 4.2.10 - PVR API v5.5.0:
     Implemented GetStreamTimes for recordings 4.2.9 - PVR API v5.5.0:
     Implemented GetStreamTimes for TV/radio streams - PVR API v5.8.0:
     Dropped GetPlayingTime, GetBufferTimeStart, GetBufferTimeEnd,
     PositionRecordedStream, PositionLiveStream, MoveChannel - PVR API
     v5.8.0: Added support for
     PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP_MEMBER::iSubChannelNumber 4.2.8 - updated
     language files from Transifex 4.2.7 - Fixed predictive tuning (was
     broken with removal of API function 'SwitchChannel') - Added support
     for subchannel numbers (ATSC) to predictive tuning 4.2.6 - More
     code cleanup - Fixed deadlock that may have occured when switching
     channels - Added support for new EPG tag attributes: 'credits'
     (actors, writers, directors), 'categories', 'year' (Thanks to azlm8t
     for testing and for a fix) - Added support for new autorec dedup
     types: 'max once per month', 'unique episode according to EPG/XMLTV'
     4.2.5 - updated language files from Transifex 4.2.4 - updated
     language files from Transifex 4.2.3 - misc code cleanup 4.2.2 -
     fixed: memory leak. Localized strings obtained from Kodi never were
     freed. - optimized container usage: replace push_back by
     emplace_back to avoid unneeded copies (also fixes a stack overflow
     in function GetTimerTypes). 4.2.1 - updated language files from
     Transifex 4.2.0 - PVR API v5.7.0: Add stubs for IsEPGTagRecordable,
     IsEPGTagPlayable and GetEPGTagStreamProperties - PVR API v5.7.0:
     Remove EPG_TAG::iChannelNumber, add EPG_TAG::iChannelUniqueId.
     4.1.3 - PVR API v5.6.0: Drop GetLiveStreamURL - PVR API v5.6.0: Drop
     PVR_RECORDING::strStreamURL - PVR API v5.6.0: Add stubs for
     GetChannelStreamProperties and GetRecordingStreamProperties 4.1.2 -
     PVR API v5.5.0: Add series link support - PVR API v5.5.0: Drop
     GetChannelSwitchDelay - PVR API v5.5.0: Add stub for GetStreamTimes
     (can be implemented later) 4.1.1 - PVR API v5.4.0: Drop
     SwitchChannel 4.1.0 - PVR API v5.3.0: Add implementation for
     GetDescrambleInfo - PVR API v5.3.0: Adapt definition of epg based
     timer rule (Added PVR_TIMER_TYPE_SUPPORTS_ANY_CHANNEL attribute) -
     PVR API v5.3.0: Add implementation for SetRecordingLifetime and for
     PVR_ADDON_CAPABILITIES lifetime values - PVR API v5.3.0: Add support
     for PVR_ADDON_CAPABILITIES.bSupportsRecordingsRename 4.0.17 - Fixed
     timer/recordings lifetime special values mapping ("until space
     needed", "forever") 4.0.16 - Added support for genre to recordings
     4.0.15 - Added support for 'default' recording priority setting
     value 4.0.14 - Readded server based play count/posi

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