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  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 5.11.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP
  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 5.11.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP
  • Linux kernel version specific cloud tools for version 5.11.0-18
  • Linux kernel version specific cloud tools for version 5.11.0-18

Latest version: 5.11.0-18.19
Release: hirsute (21.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main


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Repository Area Version
base main 5.11.0-16.17
security main 5.11.0-17.18
updates main 5.11.0-17.18
PPA: Canonical Kernel Team 5.11.0-18.19

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Version: 5.11.0-18.19 2021-05-13 11:06:27 UTC

  linux (5.11.0-18.19) hirsute; urgency=medium

  * hirsute/linux: 5.11.0-18.19 -proposed tracker (LP: #1927578)

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - update dkms package versions

  * Introduce the 465 driver series, fabric-manager, and libnvidia-nscq
    (LP: #1925522)
    - debian/dkms-versions -- add NVIDIA 465 and migrate 450 to 460

  * linux-image-5.0.0-35-generic breaks checkpointing of container
    (LP: #1857257)
    - SAUCE: overlayfs: fix incorrect mnt_id of files opened from map_files

  * Hirsute update: v5.11.17 upstream stable release (LP: #1927535)
    - vhost-vdpa: protect concurrent access to vhost device iotlb
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: ovl: Restore vm_file value when lower fs mmap fails"
    - ovl: fix reference counting in ovl_mmap error path
    - coda: fix reference counting in coda_file_mmap error path
    - amd/display: allow non-linear multi-planar formats
    - drm/amdgpu: reserve fence slot to update page table
    - drm/amdgpu: fix GCR_GENERAL_CNTL offset for dimgrey_cavefish
    - gpio: omap: Save and restore sysconfig
    - KEYS: trusted: Fix TPM reservation for seal/unseal
    - vdpa/mlx5: Set err = -ENOMEM in case dma_map_sg_attrs fails
    - pinctrl: lewisburg: Update number of pins in community
    - block: return -EBUSY when there are open partitions in blkdev_reread_part
    - pinctrl: core: Show pin numbers for the controllers with base = 0
    - arm64: dts: allwinner: Revert SD card CD GPIO for Pine64-LTS
    - bpf: Allow variable-offset stack access
    - bpf: Refactor and streamline bounds check into helper
    - bpf: Tighten speculative pointer arithmetic mask
    - perf/x86/intel/uncore: Remove uncore extra PCI dev HSWEP_PCI_PCU_3
    - perf/x86/kvm: Fix Broadwell Xeon stepping in isolation_ucodes[]
    - perf auxtrace: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
    - perf map: Fix error return code in maps__clone()
    - HID: google: add don USB id
    - HID: asus: Add support for 2021 ASUS N-Key keyboard
    - HID: alps: fix error return code in alps_input_configured()
    - HID cp2112: fix support for multiple gpiochips
    - HID: wacom: Assign boolean values to a bool variable
    - soc: qcom: geni: shield geni_icc_get() for ACPI boot
    - dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Fix descriptor issuing on video group
    - dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Fix race condition in done IRQ
    - ARM: dts: Fix swapped mmc order for omap3
    - m68k: fix flatmem memory model setup
    - net: geneve: check skb is large enough for IPv4/IPv6 header
    - dmaengine: tegra20: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error
    - s390/entry: save the caller of psw_idle
    - arm64: kprobes: Restore local irqflag if kprobes is cancelled
    - xen-netback: Check for hotplug-status existence before watching
    - cavium/liquidio: Fix duplicate argument
    - csky: change a Kconfig symbol name to fix e1000 build error
    - ia64: fix discontig.c section mismatches
    - ia64: tools: remove duplicate definition of ia64_mf() on ia64
    - x86/crash: Fix crash_setup_memmap_entries() out-of-bounds access
    - net: hso: fix NULL-deref on disconnect regression
    - USB: CDC-ACM: fix poison/unpoison imbalance
    - Linux 5.11.17

  * locking/qrwlock: Fix ordering in queued_write_lock_slowpath() (LP: #1926184)
    - locking/qrwlock: Fix ordering in queued_write_lock_slowpath()

  * Fix kernel panic at boot on dual GFX systems (LP: #1926792)
    - drm/amdgpu: Register VGA clients after init can no longer fail

  * Gigabyte R120-T33 (ARM ThunderX SoC) fails to boot in ACPI mode
    (LP: #1925075)
    - ACPI: GTDT: Don't corrupt interrupt mappings on watchdow probe failure

  * CirrusLogic: Cracking noises appears in built-in speaker when output volume
    is set >80% (LP: #1924997)
    - ALSA: hda/cirrus: Use CS8409 filter to fix abnormal sounds on Bullseye

  * CirrusLogic: The default input volume is "0%" (LP: #1923557)
    - ALSA: hda/cirrus: Set Initial DMIC volume for Bullseye to -26 dB

  * Fix no picture from HDMI when it's plugged after boot (LP: #1924238)
    - drm/i915/display: Handle lane polarity for DDI port

  * Make AMD gpus choose YCbCr420 encoding automatically when required for 4k
    60Hz output (LP: #1922754)
    - drm/amd/display: Try YCbCr420 color when YCbCr444 fails

  * Hirsute update: v5.11.16 upstream stable release (LP: #1926999)
    - AMD_SFH: Removed unused activecontrolstatus member from the amd_mp2_dev
    - AMD_SFH: Add sensor_mask module parameter
    - AMD_SFH: Add DMI quirk table for BIOS-es which don't set the activestatus
    - mtd: rawnand: mtk: Fix WAITRDY break condition and timeout
    - Input: nspire-keypad - enable interrupts only when opened
    - gpio: sysfs: Obey valid_mask
    - dmaengine: idxd: Fix clobbering of SWERR overflow bit on writeback
    - dmaengine: idxd: fix delta_rec and crc size field for completion record
    - dmaengine: idxd: fix opcap sysfs attribute output
    - dmaengine: idxd: fix wq size store permission state
    - dmaengine: dw: Make it dependent to HAS_IOMEM
    - dmaengine: Fix a double free in dma_async_device_register
    - dmaengine: plx_dma: add a missing put_device() on error path
    - dmaengine: idxd: clear MSIX permission entry on shutdown
    - dmaengine: idxd: fix wq cleanup of WQCFG registers
    - ACPI: x86: Call acpi_boot_table_init() after acpi_table_upgrade()
    - ARM: dts: Drop duplicate sha2md5_fck to fix clk_disable race
    - ARM: dts: Fix moving mmc devices with aliases for omap4 & 5
    - remoteproc: pru: Fix loading of GNU Binutils ELF
    - lockdep: Add a missing initialization hint to the "INFO: Trying to register
      non-static key" message
    - arc: kernel: Return -EFAULT if copy_to_user() fails
    - iwlwifi: Fix softirq/hardirq disabling in iwl_pcie_enqueue_hcmd()
    - xfrm: BEET mode doesn't support fragments for inner packets
    - ASoC: max98373: Changed amp shutdown register as volatile
    - ASoC: max98373: Added 30ms turn on/off time delay
    - net: ax

1786013 Packaging resync
1857257 linux-image-5.0.0-35-generic breaks checkpointing of container
1927535 Hirsute update: v5.11.17 upstream stable release
1926792 Fix kernel panic at boot on dual GFX systems
1925075 Gigabyte R120-T33 (ARM ThunderX SoC) fails to boot in ACPI mode
1924997 CirrusLogic: Cracking noises appears in built-in speaker when output volume is set \u003e80%
1923557 CirrusLogic: The default input volume is \
1924238 Fix no picture from HDMI when it's plugged after boot
1922754 Make AMD gpus choose YCbCr420 encoding automatically when required for 4k 60Hz output
1926999 Hirsute update: v5.11.16 upstream stable release
1926993 Hirsute update: v5.11.15 upstream stable release
1926368 Hirsute update: v5.11.14 upstream stable release
1925415 Enable mute/micmute LEDs and limit mic boost on EliteBook 845 G8
1925539 ftrace synthetic_events selftests failure in 5.11
1925211 Hot-unplug of disks leaves broken block devices around in Hirsute on s390x
1924207 [SRU][F:OEM-5.10/G/H] add realtek 8852 bluetooth support
1905466 drm/i915: Drop force_probe requirement for RKL
1923415 Hirsute update: v5.11.13 upstream stable release

Version: *DELETED* 2021-04-19 20:06:33 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 5.11.0-16.17 2021-04-15 21:06:58 UTC

  linux (5.11.0-16.17) hirsute; urgency=medium

  * hirsute beta desktop AMD64 ISO kernel panic on boot when booting using UEFI
    (LP: #1922403)
    - SAUCE: efifb: Check efifb_pci_dev before using it

 -- Seth Forshee <email address hidden> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 14:31:58 -0500

1922403 hirsute beta desktop AMD64 ISO kernel panic on boot when booting using UEFI

Version: *DELETED* 2021-04-13 19:06:57 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 5.11.0-14.15 2021-04-10 21:06:24 UTC

  linux (5.11.0-14.15) hirsute; urgency=medium

  * hirsute/linux: 5.11.0-14.15 -proposed tracker (LP: #1923103)

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - update dkms package versions

  * Include Infiniband Peer Memory interface (LP: #1923104)
    - SAUCE: RDMA/core: Introduce peer memory interface

  * Hirsute update: v5.11.12 upstream stable release (LP: #1923069)
    - arm64: mm: correct the inside linear map range during hotplug check
    - virtiofs: Fail dax mount if device does not support it
    - ext4: shrink race window in ext4_should_retry_alloc()
    - ext4: fix bh ref count on error paths
    - fs: nfsd: fix kconfig dependency warning for NFSD_V4
    - rpc: fix NULL dereference on kmalloc failure
    - iomap: Fix negative assignment to unsigned sis->pages in
    - ASoC: rt1015: fix i2c communication error
    - ASoC: rt5640: Fix dac- and adc- vol-tlv values being off by a factor of 10
    - ASoC: rt5651: Fix dac- and adc- vol-tlv values being off by a factor of 10
    - ASoC: sgtl5000: set DAP_AVC_CTRL register to correct default value on probe
    - ASoC: es8316: Simplify adc_pga_gain_tlv table
    - ASoC: soc-core: Prevent warning if no DMI table is present
    - ASoC: cs42l42: Fix Bitclock polarity inversion
    - ASoC: cs42l42: Fix channel width support
    - ASoC: cs42l42: Fix mixer volume control
    - ASoC: cs42l42: Always wait at least 3ms after reset
    - NFSD: fix error handling in NFSv4.0 callbacks
    - ASoC: mediatek: mt8192: fix tdm out data is valid on rising edge
    - kernel: freezer should treat PF_IO_WORKER like PF_KTHREAD for freezing
    - vhost: Fix vhost_vq_reset()
    - io_uring: fix ->flags races by linked timeouts
    - io_uring: halt SQO submission on ctx exit
    - scsi: st: Fix a use after free in st_open()
    - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix broken #endif placement
    - staging: comedi: cb_pcidas: fix request_irq() warn
    - staging: comedi: cb_pcidas64: fix request_irq() warn
    - ASoC: rt5659: Update MCLK rate in set_sysclk()
    - ASoC: rt711: add snd_soc_component remove callback
    - thermal/core: Add NULL pointer check before using cooling device stats
    - locking/ww_mutex: Simplify use_ww_ctx & ww_ctx handling
    - locking/ww_mutex: Fix acquire/release imbalance in
    - nvmet-tcp: fix kmap leak when data digest in use
    - io_uring: imply MSG_NOSIGNAL for send[msg]()/recv[msg]() calls
    - Revert "PM: ACPI: reboot: Use S5 for reboot"
    - nouveau: Skip unvailable ttm page entries
    - static_call: Align static_call_is_init() patching condition
    - ext4: do not iput inode under running transaction in ext4_rename()
    - io_uring: call req_set_fail_links() on short send[msg]()/recv[msg]() with
    - net: mvpp2: fix interrupt mask/unmask skip condition
    - mptcp: deliver ssk errors to msk
    - mptcp: fix poll after shutdown
    - mptcp: init mptcp request socket earlier
    - mptcp: add a missing retransmission timer scheduling
    - flow_dissector: fix TTL and TOS dissection on IPv4 fragments
    - mptcp: fix DATA_FIN processing for orphaned sockets
    - mptcp: provide subflow aware release function
    - can: dev: move driver related infrastructure into separate subdir
    - net: introduce CAN specific pointer in the struct net_device
    - mptcp: fix race in release_cb
    - net: bonding: fix error return code of bond_neigh_init()
    - mptcp: fix bit MPTCP_PUSH_PENDING tests
    - can: tcan4x5x: fix max register value
    - brcmfmac: clear EAP/association status bits on linkdown events
    - ath11k: add ieee80211_unregister_hw to avoid kernel crash caused by NULL
    - netdevsim: dev: Initialize FIB module after debugfs
    - iwlwifi: pcie: don't disable interrupts for reg_lock
    - ath10k: hold RCU lock when calling ieee80211_find_sta_by_ifaddr()
    - net: ethernet: aquantia: Handle error cleanup of start on open
    - appletalk: Fix skb allocation size in loopback case
    - net: ipa: remove two unused register definitions
    - net: ipa: use a separate pointer for adjusted GSI memory
    - net: ipa: fix register write command validation
    - net: wan/lmc: unregister device when no matching device is found
    - net: 9p: advance iov on empty read
    - bpf: Remove MTU check in __bpf_skb_max_len
    - ACPI: tables: x86: Reserve memory occupied by ACPI tables
    - ACPI: processor: Fix CPU0 wakeup in acpi_idle_play_dead()
    - ACPI: scan: Fix _STA getting called on devices with unmet dependencies
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply sample rate quirk to Logitech Connect
    - ALSA: hda: Re-add dropped snd_poewr_change_state() calls
    - ALSA: hda: Add missing sanity checks in PM prepare/complete callbacks
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: call alc_update_headset_mode() in hp_automute_hook
    - xtensa: fix uaccess-related livelock in do_page_fault
    - xtensa: move coprocessor_flush to the .text section
    - KVM: SVM: load control fields from VMCB12 before checking them
    - KVM: SVM: ensure that EFER.SVME is set when running nested guest or on
      nested vmexit
    - PM: runtime: Fix race getting/putting suppliers at probe
    - PM: runtime: Fix ordering in pm_runtime_get_suppliers()
    - tracing: Fix stack trace event size
    - s390/vdso: copy tod_steering_delta value to vdso_data page
    - s390/vdso: fix tod_steering_delta type
    - drm/ttm: make ttm_bo_unpin more defensive
    - mm: fix race by making init_zero_pfn() early_initcall
    - drm/amdkfd: dqm fence memory corruption
    - drm/amd/pm: no need to force MCLK to highest when no display connected
    - drm/amdgpu/vangogh: don't check for dpm in is_dpm_running when in suspend
    - drm/amdgpu: fix offset calculation in amdgpu_vm_bo_clear_mappings()
    - drm/amdgpu: Set a suitable dev_info.gart_page_size
    - drm/amdgpu: check alignment on CPU page for bo map
    - reiserfs: update reiserfs_xattrs_initialized() condition
    - drm/imx: fix memory leak when fai

1786013 Packaging resync
1923104 Include Infiniband Peer Memory interface
1923069 Hirsute update: v5.11.12 upstream stable release
1922768 Update - Fix no screen show on display after S3 on CML-R
1922601 Hirsute update: v5.11.11 upstream stable release
1922600 Hirsute update: v5.11.10 upstream stable release
1915717 [FEATURE] Hirsute: support TLS device offload for Bond
1922372 i915 doesn't support some high pixel clock 4k * 60Hz monitors
1920916 cold boot panics on unmatched board, soft reboot is fine
1922207 Microphone and Mute/Mic-mute LEDs are not work on HP 640 G8 Laptop
1922033 Enable ath11k debugfs/tracing
1922171 Handle Intel Wifi firmware disconnection
1918134 LRMv4: switch to signing nvidia modules via the Ubuntu Modules signing key
1905020 [21.04 FEAT] Add kernel debug infos for decompressor stage to kernel-debug package
1920784 qemu-system-ppc64le fails with kvm acceleration
1921757 Fix mic on P620 after S3 resume
1920874 [Regression] Partition not removed after removing the memory cards from card reader since kernel 5.9.0-rc3+
1921140 Tegra \
1900438 Bcache bypasse writeback on caching device with fragmentation
1920747 alsa/realtek: extend the delay time in the determine_headset_type for a Dell AIO
1921712 Hirsute update: v5.11.9 upstream stable release
1921710 Hirsute update: v5.11.8 upstream stable release
1919492 Hirsute update: v5.11.7 upstream stable release
1920030 Mute/Mic-mute LEDs are not work on HP 850/840/440 G8 Laptops
1919930 power off stress test will hang on the TGL machines
CVE-2021-29154 BPF JIT compilers in the Linux kernel through 5.11.12 have incorrect c ...

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