Package "linux-bluefield-headers-5.4.0-1007"

Name: linux-bluefield-headers-5.4.0-1007


Header files related to Linux kernel version 5.4.0

Latest version: 5.4.0-1007.10
Release: focal (20.04)
Level: updates
Repository: main
Head package: linux-bluefield


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Version: 5.4.0-1007.10 2021-02-25 22:06:23 UTC

  linux-bluefield (5.4.0-1007.10) focal; urgency=medium

  * Apply patches from Mellanox for the next release (LP: #1904992)
    - SAUCE: Address upstream comments from patch v6 for PHY driver
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige: address some general upstream comments
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige: add support for ndo_get_stats64
    - SAUCE: mlxbf-gige: remove gpio interrupt coalesce resources
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige: address upstream comments on RX and TX
    - SAUCE: mlxbf-pmc: fix display of driver version
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige: use streaming DMA mapping for packet buffers
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige_main.c: Fix OOB PHY interrupt
    - SAUCE: net/xfrm: IPsec full offload support for lifetime limit
    - SAUCE: net/xfrm: Add support for xfrm full offload
    - SAUCE: net/mlx5: Support reload operaion on mdev SF
    - SAUCE: mlx-bootctl: Add sysfs api to write rshim logging message
    - SAUCE: Add viper support to the mlxbf-livefish driver
    - SAUCE: Make the ARCH_DMA_MINALIGN configurable
    - SAUCE: Add ipmb_host driver
    - SAUCE: pka: Sync ubuntu branch with bfdev-5.4.60
    - [Config] updateconfigs
    - [Config] import config changes from Mellanox
    - SAUCE: mlxbf_gige_mdio.c: Support PHY interrupt on Bluesphere

  * make rshim console built-in
    - [Config] CONFIG_MLXBF_TMFIFO=y

  * update kernel configs
    - [Config] update DM and MD options
    - [Config] enable Ethernet team driver support

  [ Ubuntu: 5.4.0-55.61 ]

  * focal/linux: 5.4.0-55.61 -proposed tracker (LP: #1903175)
  * Update kernel packaging to support forward porting kernels (LP: #1902957)
    - [Debian] Update for leader included in BACKPORT_SUFFIX
  * Avoid double newline when running insertchanges (LP: #1903293)
    - [Packaging] insertchanges: avoid double newline
  * EFI: Fails when BootCurrent entry does not exist (LP: #1899993)
    - efivarfs: Replace invalid slashes with exclamation marks in dentries.
  * CVE-2020-14351
    - perf/core: Fix race in the perf_mmap_close() function
  * raid10: Block discard is very slow, causing severe delays for mkfs and
    fstrim operations (LP: #1896578)
    - md: add md_submit_discard_bio() for submitting discard bio
    - md/raid10: extend r10bio devs to raid disks
    - md/raid10: pull codes that wait for blocked dev into one function
    - md/raid10: improve raid10 discard request
    - md/raid10: improve discard request for far layout
    - dm raid: fix discard limits for raid1 and raid10
    - dm raid: remove unnecessary discard limits for raid10
  * Bionic: btrfs: kernel BUG at /build/linux-
    eTBZpZ/linux-4.15.0/fs/btrfs/ctree.c:3233! (LP: #1902254)
    - btrfs: drop unnecessary offset_in_page in extent buffer helpers
    - btrfs: extent_io: do extra check for extent buffer read write functions
    - btrfs: extent-tree: kill BUG_ON() in __btrfs_free_extent()
    - btrfs: extent-tree: kill the BUG_ON() in insert_inline_extent_backref()
    - btrfs: ctree: check key order before merging tree blocks
  * Ethernet no link lights after reboot (Intel i225-v 2.5G) (LP: #1902578)
    - igc: Add PHY power management control
  * Undetected Data corruption in MPI workloads that use VSX for reductions on
    POWER9 DD2.1 systems (LP: #1902694)
    - powerpc: Fix undetected data corruption with P9N DD2.1 VSX CI load emulation
    - selftests/powerpc: Make alignment handler test P9N DD2.1 vector CI load
  * [20.04 FEAT] Support/enhancement of NVMe IPL (LP: #1902179)
    - s390: nvme ipl
    - s390: nvme reipl
    - s390/ipl: support NVMe IPL kernel parameters
  * uvcvideo: add mapping for HEVC payloads (LP: #1895803)
    - media: uvcvideo: Add mapping for HEVC payloads
  * Focal update: v5.4.73 upstream stable release (LP: #1902115)
    - ibmveth: Switch order of ibmveth_helper calls.
    - ibmveth: Identify ingress large send packets.
    - ipv4: Restore flowi4_oif update before call to xfrm_lookup_route
    - mlx4: handle non-napi callers to napi_poll
    - net: fec: Fix phy_device lookup for phy_reset_after_clk_enable()
    - net: fec: Fix PHY init after phy_reset_after_clk_enable()
    - net: fix pos incrementment in ipv6_route_seq_next
    - net/smc: fix valid DMBE buffer sizes
    - net/tls: sendfile fails with ktls offload
    - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Cellient MPL200 card
    - tipc: fix the skb_unshare() in tipc_buf_append()
    - socket: fix option SO_TIMESTAMPING_NEW
    - can: m_can_platform: don't call m_can_class_suspend in runtime suspend
    - can: j1935: j1939_tp_tx_dat_new(): fix missing initialization of skbcnt
    - net: j1939: j1939_session_fresh_new(): fix missing initialization of skbcnt
    - net/ipv4: always honour route mtu during forwarding
    - net_sched: remove a redundant goto chain check
    - r8169: fix data corruption issue on RTL8402
    - cxgb4: handle 4-tuple PEDIT to NAT mode translation
    - binder: fix UAF when releasing todo list
    - ALSA: bebob: potential info leak in hwdep_read()
    - ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix incorrect locking in hdmi_pcm_close
    - nvme-pci: disable the write zeros command for Intel 600P/P3100
    - chelsio/chtls: fix socket lock
    - chelsio/chtls: correct netdevice for vlan interface
    - chelsio/chtls: correct function return and return type
    - ibmvnic: save changed mac address to adapter->mac_addr
    - net: ftgmac100: Fix Aspeed ast2600 TX hang issue
    - net: hdlc: In hdlc_rcv, check to make sure dev is an HDLC device
    - net: hdlc_raw_eth: Clear the IFF_TX_SKB_SHARING flag after calling
    - net: Properly typecast int values to set sk_max_pacing_rate
    - net/sched: act_tunnel_key: fix OOB write in case of IPv6 ERSPAN tunnels
    - nexthop: Fix performance regression in nexthop deletion
    - nfc: Ensure presence of NFC_ATTR_FIRMWARE_NAME attribute in
    - r8169: fix operation under forced interrupt threading
    - selftests: forwarding: Add missing 'rp_filter' configuration
    - tcp: fix to update snd_wl1 in bulk receiver fast path

1904992 Apply patches from Mellanox for the next release
1902957 Update kernel packaging to support forward porting kernels
1903293 Avoid double newline when running insertchanges
1896578 raid10: Block discard is very slow, causing severe delays for mkfs and fstrim operations
1902254 Bionic: btrfs: kernel BUG at /build/linux-eTBZpZ/linux-4.15.0/fs/btrfs/ctree.c:3233!
1902578 Ethernet no link lights after reboot (Intel i225-v 2.5G)
1902694 Undetected Data corruption in MPI workloads that use VSX for reductions on POWER9 DD2.1 systems
1902179 [20.04 FEAT] Support/enhancement of NVMe IPL
1895803 uvcvideo: add mapping for HEVC payloads
1902115 Focal update: v5.4.73 upstream stable release
1902111 Focal update: v5.4.72 upstream stable release
1902110 Focal update: v5.4.71 upstream stable release
1899508 alsa/hda/realtek - The front Mic on a HP machine doesn't work
1898865 Enable brightness control on HP DreamColor panel
1900847 Fix non-working Intel NVMe after S3
1898786 bcache: Issues with large IO wait in bch_mca_scan() when shrinker is enabled
1900088 Improve descriptions for XFAIL cases in kselftests/net/psock_snd
1899582 ceph: fix inode number handling on arches with 32-bit ino_t
1899726 Fix system reboot when disconnecting WiFi
1899586 Fix broken MSI interrupt after HDA controller was suspended
1900632 Focal update: v5.4.70 upstream stable release
1900624 Focal update: v5.4.69 upstream stable release
1899511 Focal update: v5.4.68 upstream stable release
1896504 tc/ebpf: unable to use BPF_FUNC_skb_change_head
1897501 HP Zbook Studio G7 boots into corrupted screen with PSR featured panel
1897755 Fix broken e1000e device after S3
1863116 debian/rules editconfigs does not work on s390x to change s390x only configs
1896482 acpi event detection crashes
1897299 mwifiex stops working after kernel upgrade
1897227 Remove NVMe suspend-to-idle workaround
1896642 Request for CIFS patches to be available in 5.4 kernel
1853277 Lenovo ThinkBook 14-IML Touchpad not showing up in /proc/bus/input/devices
1896216 [Ubuntu 20.10] zPCI DMA tables and bitmap leak on hard unplug (PCI Event 0x0304)
1895606 Thunderbolt3 daisy chain sometimes doesn't work
1896154 btrfs: trimming a btrfs device which has been shrunk previously fails and fills root disk with garbage data
1896791 EFA: add support for 0xefa1 devices
1896828 Focal update: v5.4.67 upstream stable release
1897963 Cherry Pick needed for Critical upstream patch for Kernel null pointer dereference - usb-c altmode
1896824 Focal update: v5.4.66 upstream stable release
1786013 Packaging resync
1902093 Introduce the new NVIDIA 455 series
CVE-2020-14351 perf: Fix race in perf_mmap_close function
CVE-2020-8694 Insufficient access control in the Linux kernel driver for some Intel( ...
CVE-2020-12351 Improper input validation in BlueZ may allow an unauthenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege via adjacent access.
CVE-2020-12352 Improper access control in BlueZ may allow an unauthenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via adjacent access.
CVE-2020-24490 Improper buffer restrictions in BlueZ may allow an unauthenticated user to potentially enable denial of service via adjacent access. This affects all
CVE-2020-16119 Use-after-free vulnerability in the Linux kernel exploitable by a local attacker due to reuse of a DCCP socket with an attached dccps_hc_tx_ccid obje
CVE-2020-16120 Overlayfs did not properly perform permission checking when copying up files in an overlayfs and could be exploited from within a user namespace, if,

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