Raw Package Information

Package: postgresql-9.5
Version: 9.5.25-6.pgdg20.04+3
Architecture: amd64
Maintainer: Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers <team+postgresql@tracker.debian.org>
Installed-Size: 19683
Depends: debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, libc6 (>= 2.29), libgssapi-krb5-2 (>= 1.14+dfsg), libldap-2.4-2 (>= 2.4.7), libpam0g (>=, libpq5 (>= 9.2~beta3), libssl1.1 (>= 1.1.0), libxml2 (>= 2.7.4), postgresql-client-9.5, postgresql-common (>= 158~), tzdata, ssl-cert, locales | locales-all
Recommends: postgresql-contrib-9.5, sysstat
Homepage: http://www.postgresql.org/
Priority: optional
Section: database
Filename: pool/main/p/postgresql-9.5/postgresql-9.5_9.5.25-6.pgdg20.04+3_amd64.deb
Size: 4057976
SHA256: 4dc578bb4f92b391bf29ac77037ffaf0bd824297cccd31b5ae115d4da70336d2
SHA1: 6e382bb69a5c36c23433a11dbaff38d9799104d6
MD5sum: 3646a78af6b6ce4e0912a59dde52e3b2
Description: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database
 PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational
 database management system (RDBMS) emphasizing extensibility and SQL
 compliance. It features transactions with Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,
 Durability (ACID) properties, automatically updatable views, materialized
 views, triggers, foreign keys, and stored procedures. It is designed to handle
 a range of workloads, from single machines to data warehouses or Web services
 with many concurrent users.
 This package provides the database server for PostgreSQL 9.5.