Package: onboard-common Source: onboard Version: 1.4.1-2ubuntu1mint3 Architecture: all Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers Installed-Size: 3322 Depends: python3 Breaks: onboard (<< 1.3.0-1~) Replaces: onboard (<< 1.3.0-1~) Homepage: Priority: optional Section: gnome Filename: pool/upstream/o/onboard/onboard-common_1.4.1-2ubuntu1mint3_all.deb Size: 542768 SHA256: 8ab0391d2b29f2c2e669f4f52e874e7239009a8de6951fb42a172536c73791a1 SHA1: 6259cc14de535885fab534daacdec874528c3896 MD5sum: 36aa43098c21f7b08a485a6e63d7fb5c Description: Simple On-screen Keyboard (common files) On-screen Keyboard with macros, easy layout creation and word suggestion. . This package ships the architecture independent files of the onboard on-screen keyboard. Original-Maintainer: MATE Packaging Team