Package: apturl-common Source: apturl Version: 0.5.2+linuxmint8 Architecture: all Maintainer: Linux Mint Installed-Size: 629 Depends: python3:any (>= 3.3.2-2~), python3-apt, mintupdate Priority: optional Section: admin Filename: pool/upstream/a/apturl/apturl-common_0.5.2+linuxmint8_all.deb Size: 76652 SHA256: 3446bac8ee3f2957abf5e7dcb6ab2ec251d8c28531d7045c3b948658de6a0518 SHA1: a509dcb804c8a16fdee0316765e433873c6054d2 MD5sum: 2733f6d6abb490f8694fe54893f8f2be Description: install packages using the apt protocol - common data AptUrl is a simple graphical application that takes an URL (which follows the apt-protocol) as a command line option, parses it and carries out the operations that the URL describes (that is, it asks the user if he wants the indicated packages to be installed and if the answer is positive does so for him). . This package contains the common data shared between the frontends.